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an old love letter

graphics by jenlynn820

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This is jenlynn820's graphics journal. My current fandom obsessions are Star Trek, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto. This journal will mainly contain graphics of these fandoms with an occasional sprinkling of other fandoms. All entries are tagged for your convenience.

Many of my icons and graphics will be slash-related. If you are offended by RPS then I ask that you click away from this journal now.

Please feel free to look around and feedback is always greatly appreciated.
Please comment if taking any graphics and credit me (anoldloveletter
or jenlynn820) in the comments. If you want to use an icon/graphics outside of livejournal such as insanejournal or a message board, please ask first. Bases require no credit.

Unless clearly marked as a 'base' no other icon and/or graphic is to be altered in ANY way. Under NO cicumstancesare any of the icons and/or graphics found here to be used as part of a graphic created by another person without permission.

No Hotlinking.
Resources including Brushes/Gradients/Images are located here. Some brushes/textures have been made by me.

The list of Affiliates for this journal can be found here.

If you're interested in affiliating with this journal
please comment here.

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